Shary Bartlet. From Photo to Fine Art Workshop

Supply List Peggy Burkosky Workshop

Workshop Materials :
- #6 and #8 or #10 round brush
- #1 or #2 small round brush for fine detail
- #1 or #2 small round brush for masking fluid application (hobby brush suitable as long as it comes to a fine
- 2 inch flat wash brush for painting and creating wet surface for stretching paper
- 3/4″ to 1″ flat brush
- rigger brush
- any watercolor palette is suitable providing it has large wells to hold a lot of paint such as a “Robert Wood”
- large white surfaces such as old dinner plates or styrofoam trays are handy for big washes
- 2 full sheets 140 lb 100% rag cotton (to be divided into half sheets)
- Blocks and tablets are suitable
Masking fluid:
- Artists quality such as Winsor Newton, Grumbacher brands are encouraged, Pebeo is great!
Watercolor paint:
- Artist’s quality is recommended . The following list is generally demonstrated because of the handling
qualities of the pigments:
Alizarin Crimson; Cadmium Red; Permanent Rose; Winsor Blue or Prussian Blue or Antwerp Blue (all three are in
“green shade” of blues); French Ultramarine Blue; New Gamboge Yellow or Transparent Yellow; Cadmium Yellow;
White gouache – recommend Dr. Martin’s Bleed Proof white
- thin boards suitable for “stretching” paper on and storing works in progress
- wide masking tape or clips to attach paper to board
- 4B or 6B, HB or F graphite pencil
- sketch book
- salt (preferably fine sea salt)
- hair dryer
- vinyl & soft kneaded eraser
- low and wide water bucket
- paper towel
- water media acetate (not regular acetate)

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